We utilize our experience and size


Hughes & Cronin - Public Affairs Strategies has been effectively representing corporate clients, associations and nonprofit organizations since 1974. During the past few decades, we have seen many economic and political changes in Connecticut.

Through it all, we have employed diligent, hard-working, innovative techniques that have gained the respect of both government officials, and our clients and accomplished the goal.

This is why we continue to be selected to represent national, regional and state groups in Connecticut
. Our record is built on solid, lasting relationships with elected officials and agency personnel. When we represent you, our reputation for quality, integrity and hard work is transferred to you.


When Hughes & Cronin - Public Affairs Strategies becomes a part of your management team, experienced, knowledgeable professionals represent your business.

We have the years of experience in governmental relations allowing us to effectively guide you through the complex issues that can, and do, alter the way you conduct your business.

It is our job to comprehend all the aspects and complexities of your issues and interpret them to legislators and government officials at all levels.

It is our job to ensure that your interests are well represented with these individuals and you obtain the results you need.

How we do it:


It is not enough for our staff to be knowledgeable on key issues affecting your business. Our knowledge of government affairs and understanding of your specific objectives makes for a powerful combination.

In-depth, on-site reviews and evaluation sessions are conducted with clients to discuss and prepare for your public affairs needs. Key strategies will also be created and implemented to best promote your issues and interests.

Our staff will keep you involved and informed every step of the way.


When you work with Hughes & Cronin - Public Affairs Strategies, you have the added advantage of being ahead of the business that impacts your business.

We are constantly monitoring and analyzing proposals and ideas from numerous sources so we can identify issues of interest to our clients very early in the process, before full scale lobbying takes place. Information from legislative, administrative, regulatory and other levels of government are evaluated for you as part of this process.

By being prepared ahead of time, we can assist our clients' efforts in shaping the issues, rather than reacting to them later.


Our firm maintains long-term multi-media contacts, that provide general, special news and editorial coverage of government issues.

This information network helps us identify issues early on in the process. These sources can also be helpful in disseminating stories and favorable information related to issues of importance to our clients.

We can also help you establish an effective grassroots strategy to further promote your issues on a more fundamental level.


Clients' statutory and regulatory issues will be researched by our staff, and appropriate legislation will be drafted and introduced, in keeping with state and federal laws.

Meetings will be arranged with all key persons who may have an effect on the successful handling of the issues. In addition, we will monitor and inform clients of any other issues pertinent to them that arise during the year on both a legislative and regulatory level.


Our firm is proud of the professional, knowledgeable and
dependable staff which provides clients with up-to-the minute information on the progression of the issues.

Specialized computer equipment and facilities in
Middletown, CT allow us the ability to assist the client in any way possible. We also provide lobbyist registration and report filing information services to clients who may not be familiar with Connecticut's complex ethics laws.


Government affairs does impact your business at all levels. The companies and organizations that take a pro-active stance come out ahead.

Hughes & Cronin - Public Affairs Strategies is a skilled, experienced, and reputable firm that will give you a strong voice in

We become an active part of your management team, helping you develop and implement strategies for success in Connecticut
. Our governmental experience, personal involvement, solid relationships and innovative solutions provide a unique and beneficial service to our clients.

Hughes & Cronin - Public Affairs Strategies. Let our powerful voice and strong reputation at the Capitol speak up for you.