Our History

Hughes & Cronin – Public Affairs Strategies was the first independently established lobbying firm in Connecticut.

We have been effectively representing corporate clients, associations and nonprofit organizations since 1974, when it was named Public Affairs Consulting Association Management. Inc.

This legacy allows our company to provide the most fundamental and comprehensive lobbying services in Connecticut. Because of this, we have maintained our position as one of the top ten lobbying firms in Connecticut since 1974, serving more than 100 clients during this tenure.

Hughes & Cronin Public Affairs Strategies represents a powerful voice in the State Capitol.

Years of experience and a unique understanding of the political process put us in a position where we can make a difference for you. Whether you are a corporate client, an association, or a nonprofit organization, the laws passed at the State Capitol do have an impact on your business. At some time these laws will mean the difference between your ability to compete and the end of profits and growth.

In this fast-paced era of governmental changes, you need professional representation now more than ever to effect changes in the laws before they affect your business.

Hughes and Cronin – Public Affairs Strategies is just that profesional representative with the ability to positively impact your business!