Hughes & Cronin Public Affairs Strategies is a full-service government relations and public affairs firm offering a broad selection of services, which we tailor to your exact needs.

Administrative Lobbying

– Work with agency officials to resolve individual client situations
– Monitor proposed regulations of various agencies
– Develop strategies for input in the regulatory process
– Work to enact or defeat regulations
– Monitor and analyze legislation
– Lobby individual legislators

Legislative Lobbying

– Develop individualized strategy with client for implementing or defeating legislation
– Research and draft legislation
– Schedule meetings with appropriate legislators, staff, Governor’s office or agency officials
– Monitor and analyze legislation
– Lobby individual legislators

Government Procurement

– Monitor opportunities for procurement of state goods and services
– Assist in navigation of the state’s procurement laws
– Work with appropriate agencies to produce a strong and accurate proposal
– Monitor and report back throughout procurement process

Legislative Research

– Utilize our 45 years of experience in legislative research and wealth of available and exclusive resources to study legislation related to issues of interest

Legislative Tracking

– Individualized, private tracking of any legislation affecting a client’s business
– Weekly customized summary reports of tracked legislation with detailed information on individual bills
– Advanced analytical reporting on the movement of legislation in real time
– Notice of opportunities for testimony at public hearings

Lobbying Compliance

– Strict adherence to the state’s code of ethics related to lobbying services
– Education of clients on compliance policies
– Filing client lobby registrations and reports

Municipal Representation

– Assist client with municipal issues, including ordinances, permitting and procurement
– Work with local government and authorities to develop a strategy
– Monitor and analyze local proposals, ordinances, grants, licensing processes, etc.
– Lobby local representation and individual legislators

Grass Roots

– Assist in personal lobbying (In-person meetings, E-mails or letters, phone calls)
– Formulate a media lobbying plan (Press releases, press conferences, rallies)
– Establish or help manage social media networks
– Help form coalitions

Media Advocacy

– Development of media-based strategies, including social media
– Monitoring of state and national media outlets


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